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AquaClix works exclusively with only pool builder per region. If we already have a client in your targeted location, we’d still be happy to speak with you, but we can’t share all of the goods to our success.

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Target, track, and convert high-quality leads ...While spending less on AdWords

  • PPC Management

    PPC Management
  • Custom Landing Pages

    Custom Landing Pages
  • Visitor Retargeting

    Visitor Retargeting

Imagine filling your pipeline with high-quality leads who are ready to build now — not just people who want to price out their dream pool. We’ve seen far too many businesses waste hard-earned dollars on ineffective PPC management. That’s why AquaClix’s high-convertinag PPC campaigns are custom built to help you reach and win your localmarket without spending a fortune.

Way more than just clicks and traffic. From start to finish, we design and optimize your campaignsfor real results, not surface-level metrics.

  • Geo-Targeting

    Hyper-focused campaigns help you target and reach the audience that matter most to your business.

  • Intent-Based Keyword Strategies

    Reaching the right people with the right intentions means more qualified leads, all while spending less on your AdWords.

  • Compelling Messaging & Ad Copy

    We always align the messaging in our ad copy, landing pages, and remarketing ads with the voice of your company. To do that, we take our time to fully understand your brand, your objectives, and your audience.

  • Optimized Post-Click Experience

    From custom landing pages to optimized calls-to-actions, we’ll build a post-click experience that boosts conversions and keeps your visitors engaged.

  • Retargeting Strategies

    Follow up and stay top-of-mind with site visitors when it comes time for them to select their pool designer.

  • Form & Call Tracking

    Generating and tracking leads both by phone and contact form helps us to optimize your campaign and drive more high-quality prospects into your pipeline.

What Our Clients are Saying

How is AquaClix different than other AdWord managers?

Only One Client Per Location

Only One Client Per Location

Your business already deals with enough competition. That’s why we work exclusively with only one pool builder per metropolitan area, so we can remain focused on helping you reach your local market and outperform the competition.

You Own Your AdWords Account & Data

You Own Your AdWords Account & Data

Unlike other marketing agencies, we never hold your Google AdWords account hostage. So while we don’t think you ever will, you can always take our work with you if you decide to leave.

Reports and Metrics That Matter

Reports and Metrics That Matter

You deserve to know and understand what’s really going on in your campaign. That’s why our reports go beyond the surface-level metrics and highlight real data that helps us measure success and track ROI.

We Answer the Phone & Reply to Emails

We Answer the Phone & Reply to Emails

Really, though. “Exceptional customer service” and “timely responses” aren’t just cliche company values — they’re simple promises we make and keep to our clients.

Collaboration & Transparency to Maximize Results

Collaboration & Transparency to Maximize Results

When you’re in the know and have a voice, your campaigns tend to be more successful. That’s why we only work with businesses that like to strategize with us, share ideas, and provide honest feedback.

About the AquaClix Team

  • Google AdWords Certified Partner

    Google AdWords Certified Partner

  • Leads Generated in 2017 through AdWords

    Over 123,000 Leads Generated in 2017 through AdWords

  • professional AdWords experience

    15+ combined years of professional AdWords experience

  • average client retention rate

    2.5 years current average client retention rate

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