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Improper Geo Targeting Settings

Showing ads to people outside of your target location is a quick and easy way to waste ad spend. And if you neglect to exclude areas that aren’t performing well — especially lower home-value pockets and communities — it’s easy to waste money on clicks that won’t convert.

Successful campaigns not only begin with smart geo-targeting strategies, but are set up to make sure your ads only reach the locations that matter most to your business.


Poor Keyword Selection

There’s a big difference between a search for “phoenix swimming pools” versus “phoenix swimming pool builders.”

With the first keyword phrase, it's very likely that someone is looking to find a pool to swim in. But the second search phrase is clearly looking for someone to help them build their dream pool.

Selecting the right keywords and phrases to target means that your ads are more likely to reach your intended audience, not the mom looking for the nearest community pool.


Not Using Negatives

Negative keywords act just like keywords you would target, but in the opposite way. But way too many pool builders end up spending money on terms that don’t drive leads

  • Supplies
  • Servicing
  • Cleaning
  • Equipment

Using negatives in your AdWord campaigns ensures that you spend less on irrelevant terms and reach more of the people who are serious about building a pool — not someone looking to clean the one they already have.

Plus, they help improve the overall health of your account (which never hurts)


Boring Ad Copy

Getting your ad in front of the right people is half the battle. Your ad copy needs to be eye-catching, yet compelling enough to get your visitor to click through — a tough balance to strike while staying within Google’s character limits.

“Phoenix Pool Builder” might not get the job done. But “Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living Spaces” sounds far more inviting.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding copy that works. A/B testing different headlines and ad copy will help you find what resonates most with your target audience.


Ignoring Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are simply extra pieces of information or links to enhance your ad, like call extensions, sitelinks, reviews, and images.

Essentially, ad extensions are snippets that help to draw attention to your ad and increase clicks. So whether it’s a high review rating or direct phone number to call, using the right type of extension with the right ad will help build trust and entice your viewer to click through.


Not Using Landing Pages

Even if your ads are effective, the user experience beyond the ad is just as important. One of the most common mistakes we see is sending traffic straight to a homepage or internal page, neither of which are designed to give your visitor more information about the ad they just clicked.

There are several benefits to having a designated landing page for your campaign(s)

  • Higher conversions - Whether you’re capturing a lead and asking your visitor to call, landing pages are designed to have one intent.
  • Messaging consistency - Customized landing pages should reflect the same messaging your visitor saw in the ad and give them more information about your offer.
  • Higher quality scores - A better post-click experience will help improve the quality scores of your ads over time.

Forgetting to Track Performance

It’s hard to run a successful AdWords account when you don’t know how your ads are performing. Which keywords are performing better than others? Which ones should be optimized, or even paused or turned off?

Without using data and information to drive decisions and strategy, it’s easy to miss opportunities to optimize your account. Or even worse, waste money on keywords that aren’t driving any leads.


No Remarketing Strategy

You would never allow your sales team to not follow-up with a lead, right? So why would you do it with AdWords?

You and I both know that the decision to hire someone to build a pool doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process, which means that strategies need to be built that subtly retarget visitors to bring them back to your site.

Plus, retargeting helps you stay top-of-mind with your prospects. So when the time comes for them to make a decision, your name should be at the top of their list.


Not Owning Your Account Data

It’s simple: if it’s your account, you should own the data associated with it.But we’ve seen way too many pool builders hire another AdWords manager or agency that held their account data hostage. So when they left or hired someone else to run their account, they couldn’t bring their account data and history with them.

You should always check with your AdWords manager before you sign any sort of agreement to see if you will maintain ownership of your own account data.


Setting and Forgetting

Even if your campaigns are set up successfully, “setting and forgetting” is an easy trap to fall into. But running high-performing AdWord campaigns requires constant tracking, testing, and optimizing:

  • Reviewing search terms for exclusions
  • Monitoring network performance
  • Adjusting bids and budgets towards top performers
  • Testing ad copy
  • Expanding your keyword selection & testing new strategies

If you want to see a higher return on your ads, you — or your AdWords manager — should always be looking for ways to optimize and improve.

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